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Svetlana Kovalskaya

Educational background

2008 April, 25              Institute of Orientalism, Almaty, Kazakhstan

                                      Doctor of Historical Sciences

                                    07.00.09 - Historiography, Source study and Methods of the Historical research

1997 December, 12    Kazakh State University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

                                                Candidate of Historical Sciences

                                    07.00.09 - Historiography, Source study and Methods of the Historical research

1987                                      Tomsk State University, Russia

                                                Historian. Teacher of History and Social Sciences

 Teaching experience

1987 – Current            Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan

                             Professor, Department History of Kazakhstan

Courses given

·         Lectures on Historiography of Kazakhstan History

·         Lectures on Theoretical Sources

·         Lectures on Source studies of Kazakhstan history

·         Lectures on History of Kazakhstan

·         Lectures on Kazakh’s culture: theory and history

·         Lectures on Social Anthropology

·         Lecture on History and culture of Central Asia

 Research interests

Historiography, Source study and Methods of the Historical research, Colonial and Soviet Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Social Anthropology

Awards and scholarships

·         Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching 2010-2013 – History from below: Developing New Social History of Central Asia

·         Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching 2007-2010 – National Historiography of the Post-soviet Central Asia

·         Regional Workshop for Rethinking of the Central Asia’ History, October 2006 (BILIM – Central Asia, Almaty)

·         Regional Workshop for Opportunity qualitative Methods of the research, November 2005 (BILIM – Central Asia, Almaty)

·         Regional Workshop for Traditions, modernism, post-modernism – theory of the social relations in Central Asia, October 2004 (BILIM – Central Asia, Almaty)

·         ECA Small Alumni Grant,  2002 (IREX)

·         Summer Seminar on the problems Central Asia, Yale University, June 2001

·         Seminar “History”/Comparative Historiography/ - Central European University, CRC, Budapest 13-19 November 2000

·         RSEP(Regional Scholar Exchange Program) – Indiana University, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center – August – November 1998 (IREX)

·         Grant of Ministry of Sciences – Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan (1998)

·         Seminar “Cultural Anthropology” of Soros Foundation – Kazakhstan (Almaty, 1998)

·         Summer University of Soros Foundation- Kazakhstan (Almaty, 1997)

Publications, conference papers and presentations (more 100)

Some of them:

1. History of the Kazakhstan’s Culture.-Astana, 2004.-76p.

2. History of Kazakhstan.-Astana, 2004.-80p.

3. Fate of Kazakhstan’s Modernization in English-speaking Historiography.-Astana, 2007.-336p.

4. Astana’s Evolution from the Outskirts to the capital: Name, Emblem, and Territorial Settlement//History Research.-Vol.2.-#5, May 2012.-Р.341-348

5. Islam in Kazakhs: Distribution Period, its Specialties and Influence // Islam in Central Asia: from representation to phobia.-Ankara-Turkestan, 2012. - P.1061-1090 (in Russian, English and Turkish languages)

6. The Scientific Heritage L.N. Gumilyov.-Astana: ENU, 2012.-160p.

7. Jute in Kazakh steppe//International Conference «Disasters Wet and Dry: Rivers, Floods, and Droughts in World History», Beijing China, 23-26. 05.2013.-Р.273-297

8. The Kazakh steppes of the XIX - early XX century: the northernmost end of the Muslim world or the southern limit of the Eurasian space?//Image of the Region in Eurasian Studies.-New Delhi, 2014.-P.1-17

9. Religious practices of the Kazakhs in the early twentieth century: New sources and interpretation//Proceedings of the XII th Conference of the European Society for Central Asian Studies. Central Asia: A Maturing Field.- Cambridge: Cambridge  Scientific Publishers, 2015.-P.61-71