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Silvana Stefani

Silvana Stefani is a Full Professor of Mathematics Applied to Economics and Finance, University of Milano-Bicocca, Faculty of Economics. She graduated in Mathematics at the University of Milano. She has been Visiting Scholar at Erasmus University (Rotterdam), Loyola University of Chicago, New York University and University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires. She gave courses at Universidad de Barcelona and Universidad de La Laguna (Spain).

Her research activity includes

·        Modelling optimal production and hedging strategies in commodity and (conventional and renewable) energy markets. Optimal conventional/renewable production mix.

·        Incentives for renewables.

·        The index for electricity spot markets.

·        Environmental markets: grandfathering and EUA allowances.

·        Discrete Mathematics applied to economics and finance and complex systems; spectral properties of matrices and graphs, networks and centrality.

She has published numerous papers in international A journals and has been scientific consultant for financial and energy institutions. She has been the Director of the Master Energy and Environmental Risk Management (EERM, a joint programme with University of Chieti-Pescara, Bergamo, Roma “La Sapienza”, ENEA, FIRE, AEEG) since 2006 and subsequently of GEM (Green Energy Management) Summer school, now in its fourth Edition. She has been the Coordinator of the PhD Programme “Mathematics for financial Markets” (2000-2010). She is Associate Editor of A journals and affiliated to IFORS and EURO.