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Luis Varela Cabo

Luis Varela Cabo

Born: 08/10/1972 in Lugo (Spain)

Married, two children

Residence address: Lg. Queiroal, 2, 15898. Santiago de Compostela (Spain) tlf. + 34 690371220

Laboratory address: Nanomaterials and Soft Matter Group. Department of Condensed Matter

Physics. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC). E315782.

Santiago de Compostela. Spain.

email: luismiguel.varela@usc.es

1989 Cambridge Proficiency in English
1995 B. Sc. Physics Degree (USC).
2000 B. Sc. Law Degree (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED)
2000 PhD thesis in Physics (USC). "Theoretical study of the equilibrium and transport in
charged complex fluids in the mean_field approximation", with honors (Extraordinary
Prize 2001).
2000*2003 Assistant professor (profesor asociado) in the USC Department of Condensed
Matter Physics. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Since 2003 Associate professor (profesor titularin the USC Department of Condensed Mat3
ter Physics. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
2014 Habilitation for full*professor.
Research supervisor: 13 M. Phil.; 4 Ph. D. (3 more in progress), 3 in a Materials Science and
Technology program, including topics in thermodynamic and transport properties of materials and
nanomaterials, and 1 in accumulation of solar thermal energy. More than 70 papers in JCR journals,
most focused on diverse properties of materials.
Research projects and research contracts: 15 (6 as principal investigator) including several fields
of soft matter, ionic liquids and complex systems. Current research project in properties of ionic
liquids and their mixtures with cosolvents and inorganic salts of electrochemical interest for energy
applications. Active research in the simulation of ionic liquids in the neighborhood of walls
(electrochemical devices).
Teaching: (main courses in the last 10 years)
a) Thermodynamics (in a Physics degree).
b) Statistical Mechanics (in a Physics degree).
c) Statistical Data Analysis (in a Physics degree).
d) Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer (in a Master Program of Renewable Energies).
e) Soft Matter (in a Master Program of Materials Science and Technology).
f) Econophysics (in a Physics degree).
Main Research interests:
a) Theory and simulations of charged complex fluids: electrolyte solutions, molten salts, ionic liquids, nanomaterials, etc. Theoretical, experimental and simulation of inhomogeneous ionic liquids.
b) Experimental research in the physical properties of materials especially charged complex fluids: thermodynamics and transport properties (thermal and electrical transport, mass transport, etc.), optical properties. Energy applications of these materials.
c) Experimental research and numerical simulations of solar thermal collectors (two patents in the field).
d) Statistical mechanics of complex systems. Complex networks and its applications in Econophysics, epidemics, electrical power grid, etc.
e) Statistical data analysis: uncertainties of measurement.
Scientific and Academic Management positions:
a) Dean of the Faculty of Physics (USC, since May 2010).
b) Head of the Master Program in Renewable Energies and Sustainability (USC, since 2011).
c) Head of the PhD Program in Renewable Energies and Sustainability (USC, since 2011).
d) Head of the Master Program in Physics (USC, since 2013).
e) Scientific representative of Spain in the Management Committee of the COST Action IS1104 “The EU in the new complex geography of economic systems: models, tools and policy evaluation“. Scientific  representative of the Grant Holder of the Action.
f) Chair of the 2nd Iberian Meeting on Ionic Liquids (July 20-22, 2011)