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Francois Guerrin

Methodological topics of interest:
. Modelling and simulation of complex systems
. Hybrid dynamical systems
. Systems dynamics
. Multi-agent systems
. Operations research

Application fIelds:
. Agricultural production systems
. Action representation
. Landscape simulation
. Logistics
. Wastes recycling

2007 Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR) in Artificial Intelligence from University of La Réunion (F). 
Dissertation title: Knowledge representation for decision and action.

1990 Doctorate (PhD) in Hydrobiology from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse (F).
Dissertation title: Recycling sewage treatment pond effl­uents in aquaculture–Biotechnical assessment and knowledge modelling.

1987 Master’s degree from CITCOM (Engineering Centre of Communication Technologies), Institut Télésystèmes, France Télécom, Paris (F).

1981 Diplôme d’études approfondies (post-graduate degree) in Ecology from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse (F).

1980a Maîtrise ès sciences (MSc) in Animal Biology from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse (F).

1980b Master’s degree in Applied Ichthyology from Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique, Toulouse (F).

1975 Licence ès sciences (BSc) in Animal Biology from Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI University, Paris (F).

1971-1973 Classes préparatoires (undergraduate courses) in Mathematics and Biological Sciences, Lycée Saint-Louis, Paris (F).

Professional Experience
1997-present Research scientist (simulation modelling of agricultural systems) at CIRAD (French Agricultural Research and International Cooperation Organization), Recycling & Risk Research Unit in Saint-Denis, Reunion Island (1997-2013) and Montpellier, France (2013-present).

1987-1997 Research scientist (artifIcial intelligence, qualitative reasoning) at INRA (French Institute for Agricultural Research), Biometrics & Artificial Intelligence Research Unit in Toulouse, France.

1986-1987 Free-lance consultant (technology transfer in aquaculture and waste water treatment), self-employed in Brazil and Portugal.

1984-1986 Head of the French Guyana’s aquaculture experimental research station at INRA (French Institute for Agricultural Research) in Kourou, French Guyana.

1981-1984 Research scientist (wastewater treatment and aquaculture) at CEMAGREF (Centre for Studies in Agricultural Machinery, Rural Engineering, Water and Forests), Coastal Management and Aquaculture Dept. in Montpellier, France.

1980-1981 Research scientist (wastewater treatment) at Agence de Bassin Adour-Garonne (Water Authority) in Toulouse, France.

1977-1979 Teacher (mathematics, physics, biology) at ENNA Paris-Sud (Paris-South National School of Apprenticeship) in Antony, France and at CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in Nîmes, France.

1976-1977 Internship (wastewater treatment and aquaculture) at CTGREF (Technical Centre in Rural Engineering, Water and Forests), Coastal Management and Aquaculture Dept., in Montpellier, France and at CTFT (Technical Centre for Tropical Forests) in Bouaké, Ivory Coast.

. French: native language
. English and Portuguese: fluent
. German and Spanish: notions