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Francisco Javier Ramos Real

Francisco J. Ramos Real is Professor of Economics and vice dean of the postgraduate college at the University of La Laguna. Their main fields of research are Energy Economics and Industrial Economics. He has published more than 15 articles in academic journals indexed in WOS-JCR, most of them belonging to the first quartile of its category (Economics and Energy). He has also coordinated and participated in competitive research projects (national and international) most of them related with the analysis of the environment, energy efficiency and regulation

a. Professional Preparation (List undergrad & grad educ & postdoc training in same order & format as below)

Universidad de La Laguna (Spain), Economics, M.S.,  1987

Universidad de La Laguna (Spain), Economics, Ph.D., 2000

Université Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble, Institut d’economie et politique de l’energie. Diplome d’etudes specialisees 1996.

b. Appointments 

2014 -. Vicedean of Doctorade and Posgraduate School. Universidad de La Laguna

2011-2015 Member of the Permanent Expert Council in Energy. Canary Islands Government.

2008-2012 Senior Researcher of the Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada (FEDEA), Spain.

2012-2013. Accidental director of the Master in Renewable Energies, Universidad de La Laguna.

2004- Professor in Economic Analysis, Universidad de La Laguna.

1991-2004 Associated Professor in Economic Analysis, Universidad de La Laguna.

1992-1994. Director assistant of distribution and commercial department. Unión Eléctrica de Canarias.

c. Publications

(i) Five most closely related to proposal project

  • Gustavo a. Marrero; Luis A. Puch; Francisco J. Ramos Real. Mean-variance portfolio methods for energy policy risk management. International Review of Economic and Finance. Elsevier, 2015.
  • Francisco Javier Amador Morera; Rosa M. González Marrero; Francisco J. Ramos-Real. Supplier choice and WTP for electricity attributes in an emerging market: The role of perceived past experience, environmental concern and energy saving behavior. Energy Economics. Elsevier, 2014.
  • Yannick Perez and Ramos-Real. The public promotion of wind energy in Spain from the transaction costs perspective 1986-2007. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review 13 (5), 2009.
  • Yannick Perez and Ramos-Real. How to Make A European Integrated Market in Small and Isolated Electricity Systems? The Case of Canary Islands. Energy Policy, 2008.
  • Luciano Losekam; Gustavo A. Marrero; Francisco J. Ramos Real; Edmar Luiz Fagundes de Almeida. Efficient power generating portfolio in Brazil: Conciliating cost, emissions and risk. Energy Policy. 62, pp. 301 - 314. Elsevier, 2013.

(ii) Five other significant publications

  • Gustavo A. Marrero; Francisco J. Ramos-Real. Activity sectors and energy intensity: Decomposition analysis and policy implications for European countries (1991-2005). Energies. 6 - 5, pp. 2521 - 2540. MDPI, 2013.


  • Martínez-Budría, Sergio Jara-Díaz y Ramos-Real. “Economies of integration in the Spanish Electricity Industry using a multistage cost function”. Energy Economics 26 (2004). Con Eduardo.
  • Ramos-Real y Martínez-Budría. “Regulación y cambio técnico en la Industria Eléctrica Española”. Hacienda Pública Española/Revista de Economía Pública, 169, 2/2004. Con Eduardo.
  • Ramos-Real, F. J.“Cost functions and the Electric Utility Industry. A contribution to the debate on deregulation”. Energy Policy, vol  33 nº 1, pp. 69-87. Enero 1995.
  •  Martínez-Budría, Sergio Jara-Díaz y Ramos-Real. “Adapting productivity theory to the quadratic cost function. An application to the Spanish Electric Sector”. Journal of Productivity Analysis, vol 20 (2), pp. 213-229, 2003. 

d. Synergistic Activities 

  • 17 research articles in journals included in JCR (h-index: 7) and 25 communications to international research congresses
  • Research leader in 3 R&D projects and 12 R&D contracts with companies and institutions (2002-2015).
  • Reviewer of top impact factor energy journals.

e. Collaborators & Other Affiliations

  • Edmar Almeida. Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro.
  • Francisco de la Flor, Enagas, S. A., Spain.
  • González-Díaz, B; Marrero, GA; Padrón, Noemí; Hernández, Raúl; Álvarez Albelo, C; Cabrera, Luis; Martín, Diana; Universidad de La Laguna, Spain.
  • Jara-Diaz, Sergio. Universidad de Chile.
  • Miguel Becerra Domínguez. Cabildo de Tenerife (Spain)
  • Monedero, J, Dobontech S.L., Spain.
  • Pérez, Yannick. Universite Paris XI et Supelec-Paris
  • Puch, L, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain;
  • Tovar de la Fe. Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria