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Andrea Lanuzza

From 01/2016 GRUPPO CAP Milan, ITALY
Public water utility company
Operations Director – Waste Water and Sewage
Reporting to the Managing Director, in charge of Operations on drinking water and wastewater assets (200 employees in staff, 7 line managers, ~2.500.000 customers, 200 municipalities):
  •  Accountable and fully responsible of operations and engineering for sewage and waste water infrastructures;
  •  Continuously examining current operational processes to identify operational improvements that positively impact service quality, customer satisfaction, safety and cost performance;
  •  Defining and implementing the Operations annual budget to secure business continuity, service level, and Company profitability targets;
  •  Defining and implementing the investment plan;
  •  Accountable for the relationships with the local authorities;
  •  In charge of the execution of the Gruppo CAP Circular Economy Master Plan with an estimated investment of 40 M€ over the next 5 years for the implementation of new services such as biopolymer, biomethane and nutrient extractions from sewage sludge.
From 09/2014 VEOLIA WATER – Acqualatina Latina, ITALY
Public-private partnership between Veolia Water & Provincia di Latina (Latina District)
Operations Director
  •  Accountable and fully responsible of the company operations: drinking water, wastewater, maintenance, scada and automation;
  • Responsible of the IT services (GIS, network, hw and sw infrastructure);
  •  Responsible of the Client Department (front office, call center, clients services);
  • Contract and Operations Director Industrial Market
  • Reporting to the Middle East group CEO, responsible of the contractual and operational aspects of the Strategic Alliance Partnership with Majis Industrial Services, a company owned by the Omani Ministry of Finance in charge of providing industrial water utility services (54 employees in staff, 5 line managers, 35 industries as customers).
  •  Accountable and fully responsible of the company P&L (revenues at 5 M$ in 2012, +35% 2013 vs 2012);
  •  Ensuring Operations & Maintenance performances on the existing contracts: process water (reverse osmosis plant) , potable water, cooling water (from the world’s biggest seawater intake facility, 8.000.000 mc/year), municipal and industrial wastewaters;
  •  In charge of the business development activities in the industrial market with focus on the Oil&Gas and Heavy Metals segments;
  •  Member of the Steering Committee of the Strategic Alliance Partnership Veolia Water

  • 2009-2010 SDA BOCCONI Milan, Italy Executive MBA class of 2009, major in Management and Finance. Selected for an Exchange program with the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) in Geneve.
  • 1996-2001 POLITECNICO DI MILANO Milan, Italy MS, Industrial Engineering: Final essay on the costs/benefit analysis for the implementation of wireless services in industries, with publication of the results on the “Wireless” magazine.
  • 1999-2000 UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA Barcelona, Spain Erasmus Program Barcelona, Spain.