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Alfredo Jesús Ramírez Díaz

Alfredo J. Ramírez Díaz graduated in mechanical engineering and holds a Master degree in Renewable Energies at the University of La Laguna (ULL) in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Later, he has made an executive program in Big Data and Business Analytics by the School of Industrial Organization during the year 2018. 

Recently, he receives his Ph.D. specializing in the field of economy and environment at the ULL. His thesis entitled “Electromobility as an enhancer of renewable share in isolated power systems: the case of Canary Islands” achieved the grade of outstanding “Cum Laude” and the international mention. Within the framework of the thesis, he made a six-month stay at CentraleSupélec (Paris) with a scholarship from the Chaire Armand Peugeot. On the one hand, he has participated in 3 competitive projects (one of them belonging to the Longlife Learning Program from European Commission) and cooperated in other nine research projects on energy resources, renewable sources and electric vehicles. 

He has published 6 scientific articles in JCR journals and presented in more than twenty congresses. He has taught at the Master of Renewable Energies of the ULL in the subject "Energy Economics II: analysis of indicators" among other courses at the international level on renewable energy management and business. On the other hand, he gathers professional experience in the field of R&D and business innovation in the energy and transport sector. 

Nowadays, he is the main researcher of BIGERO project in the ULL, funded by Cabildo de Tenerife though the call for Agustín de Betancourt Projects. He leads the R&D and data science team of DISA Renovables, which is the leading private company in the renewable sector in the Canary Islands (Spain). The aim of the project is to integrate a business intelligence system using big data techniques to improve processes, through implementing machine learning models and IoT devices in PV plants and wind farms.