Feedback from our students and teachers

Below are videos of the GEM student's and teachers feedback in years:

Coordinator of GEM: Silvana Stefani

Marina Calloni

- Students 2018 (Summer School)

Sylvester Richard

Luis Allejandro Vergara

- Students 2016

Nteboheng Phakisi

Hend Ahmed

Pablo Escribano

- Students 2015
» Escribano
Hi! I am Pablo, student of postgraduate in renewable resources in the University of Santiago de Compostela. This course, taught by very qualified ...
» Mary Cruz
The GEM program will always be a memorable part of my life I am happy to inform you that the GEM 2015 was a meticulously organised and executed ...

- Students 2014

» Nicola
I think that this learning path is a worthwhile occasion for students to have a broad and whole overview of the green energy development. On the one hand, in fact, the course provides a theoretical understanding of how electrical, fossil and environmental markets work. On the other hand, instead, the lessons present many case studies thanks to the participation of experienced industrial and academic partners. For this reason, I recommend the GEM summer school to every professional who wants to acquire a thorough knowledge of the fascinating sector of the renewable resources.
» Luis
“It was an interesting and valuable experience in the world of renewables energies. Both lectures focusing on quantitative aspects and providing descriptive overviews of the green energy markets were given by well-prepared and experienced professors.”
» Saverio
"Hi, my name is Saverio Marchese. As a student in Banking, Finance and Insurance in Unimib I really appreciate this opportunity to participate in GEM Summer School right here in my home university. The reason for my interest for this summer school is that I wanted to learn more about the renewable resources that is field that has received increasing attention over the last years, with a huge impact on our everyday life. In my week at GEM I have studied in deep the scenario of the world green energy from different points of view. I have not only seen the quantitive and scientific aspect with markets, their regulation and models, but also a tangible aspect with the presentation of applications in real life, concrete exempla and the nice visit to the Edison's hydro electric plant Bertini."